Euro Park Hotel in Istanbul was made with an understanding that redefines the modern luxuries of today. 165 Piece superior, with 18 bussiness executive and 1 disabled room, totaling 184 rooms and 250 beds are ready to serve you. Our hotel, which offers a variety of equipment and services; ideal accommodation for both business and leisure travelers. Experienced and trained each member of our team of exceptional individuals have been selected to fulfill all the demands of our guests a superior effort. Team to support the overall experience of our guests; patience is the pride and joy extra way to the floor.


Era Group, which is our first hotel investment Euro Park, took the first step of Istanbul Flat in the hospitality and tourism field. Age Group as well as the hospitality area that includes the upper lane, in different regions of Turkey and Istanbul, mainly in the tanning industry, in the construction field, is active in textiles and many more.


Our service and our quality standards and be noticed in Turkey in Istanbul, unite us with our guests prefer to national and international standards for Turkish hospitality is to become one of the actors that shape the industry and create brand value. Euro Park Hotel, Turkey's rising value of tourism and hotel management also aims at new investments.


Preserving our values reveal our existence, sensitive to people and the environment, friendly and warm, accepting unconditional satisfaction guests with hospitality, reliable and reveals a preferred management perspective.
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