Dear guests, we

want you to know that food safety, guest and staff health, hygiene and cleaning procedures will be applied more effectively during this period. In this context, we update the revisions and measures taken by our hotel management, our hygiene and health protection systems in accordance with the official instructions, recommendations and recommendations issued by the World Health Organization, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey. In order to provide healthier and safer accommodation services in the new period, the applications within the scope of the following manifesto information have been implemented by the hotel management in our facility.

1. Deep Cleaning & Disinfection & Sterilization Processes

2. Disinfection points for all general

guest areas and staff areas 3.

Staff training provided by workplace physician, unit managers and NGO 4. Effective follow-up of the rules

by planning social distancing within the hotel 5. Quick check-in and c-out applications

6. Renewed design of buffet and food

& beverage service 7. Renewed capacities of meeting

rooms and other areas 8. 24/7 Doctor Service upon request



1. T.C. In accordance with the decisions of the Ministry of Health, our guests and all our personnel have to use masks especially in closed and busy areas. Masks are available at reception or at the entrances to the relevant units. In open areas, there may be unmasked walking according to the safe distance rule. Mask usage areas are reminded to our guests with warning signs.

According to the circular of the 2nd T.C. Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of T.C., the body temperature of all our guests and employees is measured (max 38 degrees) and their records are kept by the security department. In the unlikely case of due diligence, the action plan created by the Health Committee will be followed.

3. Social space session areas, meeting rooms layout, tables in food & beverage units have been repositioned to be at least 1.5 meters according to the safe distance rule and reminder warning signs have been placed in order to attract the attention of our guests and staff.

4. Information posters containing legal obligations and instructions, COVID-19 prevention routes and effective cleaning practices in general areas have been presented to our guests and staff in 3 languages.

5. Periodic monitoring forms and checklists are created to support all procedures and protocols and shared with all department officials and their checks are carried out by our health committee.

6. 24/7 doctor service is provided in our facilities with our contracted hospitals that can serve at the request of our guests.


1. During the pandemic period, the “food hygiene and guest health program” and “hygiene and cleaning system” applied continuously in our hotel are applied more effectively, cleaning, disinfection and sterilization processes are deepened and more precise.
2. The number of disinfectants in all general areas, entrance of food & beverage units, toilet entrances, usage areas such as Fitness, Spa and in the working and social areas of our employees has been increased. In addition, masks and gloves are provided to our guests upon request.
3. The cleaning of our general areas of use is carried out with our standard cleaning plans and extended according to the deep cleaning rules, which include a model of more focus on frequently contacted surfaces.
4. Door handles, stair railings, elevator call buttons, general toilets, tables, chairs and common use furniture and sports equipment are cleaned and subjected to chemical disinfection according to the principle of deep cleaning.
5. Disinfection procedures are applied with deep cleaning application in our guest rooms. Our guests are informed during check-in.
6. Commonly used service materials such as forks, spoons, cups and plates used by our guests during the service and all equipment used in the service are washed with detergent in special machines with high heat, water and automatic dosing system after each use, maintaining hygiene and keeping these materials in a clean environment until the moment of use. In addition, cutlery and spoons are bagged and reach our guests who are end users in a hygienic environment.


1. In this period, the capacity of some of our units has been reduced by considering the satisfaction status of our guests due to legal obligation.
2. In accordance with social distancing rules, user restrictions have been imposed on elevators and guests staying in the same room or people from the same group will be able to board at the same time as a maximum of 4 people or people who do not know each other as a maximum of 2 people.
3. The turkish bath, sauna, steam room and gym, which are open for guests, are booked.
4. The primary purpose of hotel management is to provide healthy conditions to its guests with pleasure, accordingly, it is legal obligations to restrict some services or to carry out social distancing protective studies. In addition, complaints and advertising may not be made on related topics.


1. Training and awareness-raising studies on general health and hygiene rules are planned and followed by our relevant unit.
2. All controls, inspections are planned and monitored in our practices such as health and hygiene practices, food safety, occupational health and safety, guest safety.


SATISFACTION 1. Disinfectants for the use of our guests are located in the Reception and Lobby areas.
2. Our guests can carry out the entrance procedures with our pens disinfected and packaged according to social distancing rules by our relevant personnel.
3. If the body temperatures of all our guests are measured with the fire meter and a negative situation is encountered, the relevant action is taken only by sharing it with the guest himself in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law.
4. At the entrance, our guests are requested a covid 19 information form.
5. Our room cards are subjected to chemical disinfection and delivered to our guests with sheltered cases. After each exit process, the cards are collected in separate boxes and disinfected again.
6. Guest suitcases are carried by bellboy to the rooms of our guests who want to be concerned. After each suitcase carrying process, the staff changes gloves.
7. Our guests can also be given information booklets and disposable masks containing facility rules and recommendations during this period.
8. Guest density is monitored by the relevant front desk staff and our guests are reminded to maintain their social distance in reception and lobby areas through warning signs and barriers.
9. All kinds of guest requests and desires are tried to be meet within the framework of our unconditional guest satisfaction.
10. During this period, visitors of our guests are only accepted in the lobby section.
11. Through our contactless payment systems, our guests can carry out payment transactions. In addition, our pos devices are disinfected after each use.


1. Protective equipment (sterile gloves, masks, face visors, protective coveralls, etc.) that all our employees should use is distributed periodically and our employees are aware to use these equipment during their time at work.
2. Fire measurements are made and recorded during the entrance and exit of all our employees.
3. Tests and screenings that are legally required to be carried out to our employees are regularly applied and followed up by our human resources department.
4. The rest areas, changing rooms, dining hall parts and social areas of our employees were redesigned according to social distancing theory and the necessary information boards were created. In addition, alcohol-based hand antiseptic/disinfectant is positioned in all personnel areas.
5. The hygiene of all our personnel who are in direct or indirect contact with our guests, awareness about this issue, all necessary trainings are provided as a priority in this process for an effective general hygiene application and continuous follow-up is carried out.



1. Tüm odalarımız günlük olarak işletme talimat ve prosedürleri doğrultusunda derin temizlenmekte ve bez kodlama sistemine göre uygun bez ve ürünler ile dezenfekte edilmektedir.
2. Temizlik görevlisi her oda temizliğinden önce ellerini yıkamakta, sonrasında yeni eldiven ve maske ile oda temizliğine başlamaktadır.
3. Temas seviyesi yoğun olan yerler kapı/dolap/çekmece kolları, prizler, aydınlatmalar, fişler, telefon ahizesi, televizyon kumandası, klima kontrol paneli, masa/sehpa yüzeyleri, kettle/kahve setleri, mini barlar, yatak örtüleri, çarşaflar, yastık kılıfları, sandalyeler, tuvalet, duş, küvet, armatürler, buklet malzemeler ve diğer banyo gereçleri özellikle dezenfekte edilmekte kumandalar koruyucu poşetlere konulmaktadır.
4. Odalarda bu dönemde tek kullanımlık malzeme yoğunluğu arttırılmış ve sürdürülebilir turizm adına buklet ürünlerimiz sadeleştirilmiştir.
5. Oda nevresim ve tekstilleri bu süreçte günlük olarak değişmekte, 75 derecede yıkanmakta, el değmeden istiflenip yeni kullanıma sunulmaktadır.
6. Çıkış yapmış odalarımız en az 1 saat boyunca havalandırılıp dezenfekte edilmektedir ve sterilize olarak oda yeni giriş yapacak olan misafirlerimiz için hazır hale getirilmektedir.


1. Tesis bünyesinde bulunan mutfağımıza ürünlerin girişinden son ürün imalatına kadar geçen tüm süreçler en az insan teması esasıyla yapılmakta ve T.C. yasal mevzuatlarına tam uyumlu olarak üretilmektedir.
2. Olası bir risk durumunda sağlık analizleri için, restoranlarımızda sunulan tüm gıda ürün örnekleri, şahit numune dolaplarında muhafaza edilmektedir.
3. Satın alma departmanımızca lisanslı tedarikçilerden uygun nitelikte alımı yapılan tüm sebze ve meyve ürünleri, yasal parametrelere uygun şekilde yıkama sistemi ile derinlemesine dezenfeksiyon işlemine tabi tutularak işlem veya sunum alanlarına sevk edilmektedir.
4. Gıda üretim ve işleme alanlarımız periyodik olarak temizlenmekte ve bu işlemler kayıt altına alınmaktadır.

1. Yiyecek ve İçecek ünitelerimizin girişlerinde misafirlerimizin kullanımına sunulmuş alkol bazlı dezenfektanlar konumlandırılmıştır.
2. Otelimizin toplam oda kapasitesinin belirli bir kısmını kullanacağımız bu dönemde Ana Restaurantımız ve bar alanımız yeni düzene göre faaliyete geçirilip masalar arası mesafeler en az 1,5 metre, sandalyeler arası ise 60 cm olacak şekilde ayarlanmıştır.
3. Yeme&İçme üniteleri servis öncesi ve sonrası düzenli olarak temizlenip, alkol bazlı dezenfektanlar ile masa yüzey dezenfeksiyonu sağlanmaktadır. Ayrıca, her müşterinin kullanımı sonrası yemek masaları ve masa üstü ekipmanları derin temizlenmektedir.
4. Yiyecek ve İçecek ünitelerimizde yer alan ortak kullanımda olan çay/kahve/gazlı-gazsız içecek makinelerimiz, ve benzeri cihazlar bu dönemde misafirlerimize ilgili servis personellerimiz aracılığı ile servis edilmektedir.
5. Açık büfe sistemimizde self-servis uygulamasına izin verilmemekte, yetkili mutfak personelimiz misafirlerimizin seçeneğine göre yeni düzenlenen misafirlerin direkt gıda ürünleri ile temasını engelleyen cam bölme ile ayrılmış büfelerden servis işlemi gerçekleştirmektedir.


1. Fitness salonumuzdaki spor aletlerimizin yerleşim düzeni sosyal mesafe kurallarına göre yeniden ayarlanmış, kapasitesi sınırlandırılmış olup ve tüm aletler sık aralıklarla dezenfekte edilmektedir.
e. SPA

1. Sauna, hamam, buhar banyosu kullanım süreleri kısıtlandırılmış olup, her kullanımdan sonra dezenfekte edilecek şekilde işleyişi takip edilmektedir.
2. Fitness ve SPA genel alanları, soyunma odaları, duşlar, tuvaletler derin temizlenmekte, misafirlerimize sunulan tüm havlular ve bornozlar temizlenip dezenfekte edilmektedir ve bazı ürünlerimiz tek kullanım olarak verilmektedir.
3. Hamamda, masaj odalarında ve güzellik bakımında kullanılan tüm sarf malzemeler her misafirimiz için dezenfekte olarak kişiye özel sunulmaktadır.


1. Otelimize ait tüm tahliye, acil durum eylem planları ve risk planlarımız pandemi sürecine göre revize edilerek Sağlık Komitesi önderliğinde diğer departmanlar ile koordinasyon durumları yeniden düzenlenmiştir.
2. Güvenlik birimimiz otelimizin tüm giriş alanlarında ateş ölçümü yaparak sonuçları kayıt altına almaktadır.


1. The contractor, which carries out the personnel and guest transfer activity, carries out the necessary disinfection procedures before and after the service in all vehicles used and ensures compliance with the in-car rules. The use of masks in the vehicle is mandatory.
2. The relevant hygiene rules are written in the vehicles belonging to our business.
3. After each service of the vehicles, frequently contacted surfaces such as seats, door handles and hand holders are cleaned.
4. Disinfection of vehicles is provided and recorded in certain periods.


1. All medical and household wastes are collected according to the procedure and cleaning of the garbage cans and other cleaning equipment used in this process is carried out periodically and recorded.
2. Cleaning, disinfection and spraying of in-hotel garbage rooms are carried out periodically and recorded. The disposal of garbage is carried out regularly by the municipality and licensed organizations.
3. Garbage cans for mask and glove waste are placed in general areas within the hotel and these garbages are labeled and collected and disposed of as garbage after 72 hours.


AND HARMS 1. Within the framework of the protocol prepared by the hotel management on the fight against pests and pests, professional Ecolab company is working on the issue, applications are carried out together with the responsible personnel and records are recorded by the housekeeping department and continuous checks are carried out.


1. According to the purchasing, accepting and storage activity instructions prepared by the hotel management, purchasing operation is applied and controlled by the camera system and all entrances and exits are recorded.
2. All persons bringing products to the hotel are warned about social distancing and mask and fever measurements are taken.


1. Within the scope of emergency action plans and protocols prepared by hotel management;
i. A specific area of the property is designated as an isolation area and isolation room;
ii. Isolation plan of the designated area, personnel

intervention plan was prepared and a list of personnel to enter and exit was created, iii. Cleaning conditions were determined after possible use and evacuation of the isolation area.
2. In case of a possible suspect or positive case, the necessary plans for disinfection and sterilization of all textile products and rooms contacted are prepared and put into practice and recorded.
3. Continuous doctor and nurse service, corporate Hospital Service and Ambulance Service are provided from contracted health institutions that can provide qualified medical care and advice at the request of our guests.

* According to current legal regulations and seasonal working conditions, hotel management reserves the right to make changes to the terms of the manifest.